About Us


PURSPEC Technologies is a high-tech enterprise founded by Professor Zheng Ouyang, a well-known expert, from the Department of Precision Instruments in Tsinghua University. The team has am in-depth cooperation with both Tsinghua University and Purdue University in the United States. The company has a highly educated and high-quality technical team, focusing on the development, production and manufacturing of high-end mass spectrometry products. These products are aimed towards providing real-time, accurate and simple detection solutions for field testing, scientific research and other fields. Currently, PURSPEC has developed its fifth generation of mass spectrometry instruments and accumulated more than ten key technical achievements in the last ten years. Our experience in developing cutting-edge portable mass spectrometers and technical strength enabled us to design a variety of portable mass spectrometry instruments, the MS Mate ambient ionization ion source, and the LipiDeep Ω Analyzer for structural lipidomics. Our products havea won several awards, including the 2017 BCEIA Gold Award and the 2017 ‘Oustanding New Product in the Scientific Instrument Industry’ award.